This is the workshop you take when you are tired of the status quo, tired of settling for just enough, when you are tired of hearing that as you and your relationship ages things will naturally slow down.

When you are tired of looking in the mirror and battling with the image that looks back at you, and are tired of wondering what happened to the you of ten years and a couple of kids ago, and are tired of waiting for them to return so you can get your sexy on and feel good about it.

This is where you go to dig in and find answers so you don’t go home after another class and find everything exactly the same. There are plenty of places to find a quick and fleeting  feel good fix.  BodySex is not one of them.

A BodySex weekend will give you a safe place to ask questions, explore new ideas and techniques, to laugh, and cry, and celebrate with like minded people.

Safe is not the same as comfortable.  There are very likely pieces that will push you outside your comfort zone, take a deep breath, be nervous and then triumph. That is the beauty of this work, it will challenge you to grow and see yourself with new eyes.  You won’t leave the same as you came in.  

We will get right in deep by embracing nudity from the very start.  Changing how you see your body means you have to be able to see it, and you need to see all of it, without hiding, or looking away, or minimizing the amazing vehicle for life you inhabit.  

If you have never spent time nude, you’ll be amazed at how fast you stop seeing people as parts and begin seeing the radiance of each body who shares the space, including your own.  

I will share with you the secret to being good in bed and how to write you own personalized pleasure manual. We will start by revitalizing our relationship to our first, best, and most constant lifetime lover; ourselves. I will provide you with quality tools and step-by-step instruction on how to use them.

Good tools require practice.  An extended erotic-recess will allow you to experience a range of sexual styles without expectation on any outcome other than you follow your own pleasure and have fun.  You will find that a masturbation class is much lighter and filled with more laughter then you imagine.  

Pleasure is your birthright and you are here to remember all the ways that you can increase this in your life.  Many of us use alcohol or drugs to feel comfortable in our own skin and take our clothes off and be intimate with a partner.  Come experience the same ease, no enhancement required, through the power of the circle of pleasure.

The weekend of BodySex is unlike anything else out there.  Please join me in the circle and discover your own sexual self and how to set yourself free.


Workshop details:

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  This is a workshop that is designed to go deep into how vulvas work, how we experience our whole bodies, and how we relate to pleasure.  This is a space that is intended for straight, gay, queer, transgender, genderqueer, non-binary and gender non-conforming humans with vulvas.

LOCATION:  Private property in San Jose Ca.  Address will be provided upon registration. 


2017 DATES:

January 14th-16th   Eventbrite - BodySex- body image and sexual self-esteem workshop for people with vulvas

April 8th-10th
Eventbrite - BodySex- body image and sexual self-esteem workshop for people with vulvas
COST:   $750 USD.  

This includes all take home materials, mystic wand vibrator, and the vaginal exerciser.  Some meals are provided; dinner on Saturday night, lunch and dinner on Sunday, and lunch on Monday afternoon.


REGISTRATION:  limited to 12 participants
If you have questions or the workshop is sold out, write to

What participants are saying about BodySex

It was so nice and peaceful to go into the circle. I was having a stressful time in several ways that day, and that circle felt really relaxing. Like I was there to be with myself and to give myself “something nice”

I am usually not a highly orgasmic person and yet in that circle I was, so that was magical. I haven’t been super connected with my sexual self in the past year and that circle brought me back to life.

I have been dealing with depression for some months now. My sex drive, while not gone, was significantly less than my usual. What it feels like, now, is that I am more in my body. I have also been reminded of what I used to feel like in terms of sexual confidence

Depression sometimes makes you feel like you’re working off memory. “Oh yeah this is a thing I usually enjoy. My brain remembers.” But on the circle my body remembered.

You are such a magical facilitator.  The vibe is fantastic and the community in the room is felt through the activities and through you. It is a life-altering experience that everyone should try.    — L, Montreal Canada 2015


The circle was the first big step out of my comfort zone. But it sounded like a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was one of those try before you die experience, so why not?

But the body appreciation exercise was overwhelming! It caused a shift in my body image ever since. I used to think my boobs were too big and in your face. I always thought they make me look vulgar, like one of those Oktoberfest farm girls. But now, I flaunt them like the precious jewels they are.

I learned that it’s OK to make lots of noise during sex. I took that advice home with me. I like it. Even better, my partner loves it!

I loooooved who I met in the space! It was so good to massage each other and have sweet and giggly conversations. It bonded us for sure.

It’s like a pajama party, with benefits. Thank you Lisa!  

C, age 35 Amsterdam Holland (2015)


Lisa created a really beautiful space in which I felt comfortable to bare my most vulnerable self with a group I had just met.

It was a beautiful experience that words cannot do justice to. The freedom I received from being in that room is beyond my capacity to describe. It really impacted me to be able to partake in the circle. I feel more comfortable with masturbation and trying out different ways of masturbating. I feel more connected to the women in that room.

For a long time I’ve felt like I was “doing it wrong”.  That I was masturbating wrong, touching myself wrong, orgasming wrong, taking too long, or having mini orgasms too quick.  I have gotten to the edge of really big, beautiful orgasm before but always stopped myself. I would get afraid of what was within me, and the pleasure I was capable of.

Now I feel like I can let myself have a variety of orgasms and not judge them as good or bad. I am so much better at slowing down and enjoying the ride without judging my technique, my body, or the size of my orgasm.

A special shout to Lisa for being so brave, welcoming, and supportive during our circle. I can’t wait to do it again. You rock!

-V, 26, Colorado USA (2015)


That was really a huge bonding, magical experience that I am so grateful for.

I had strong feelings after the experience. Namely, that I recognized this as a very different type of sexual experience, rooted in friendship and support rather than eroticism.

It’s kind of hard to articulate, but I came away from the circle wanting to seek out more experiences like that with other women.

It was really a formative experience.  The circle expanded my understanding of what my sexual identity can be, and is.  I’m so glad to have my sexual fingerprint shaped by that circle.

H, 30 California USA (2015)