Workshops & Events


Burmese Cats Cuddle by sue tupling via flickr cc2.0Cuddle Salon:

A -G- rated touch workshop. The best pajama party ever!

LGBTQIA+ Individuals, couples, or groups – I’d love to have you!

The workshop is a warm and restorative experience that includes a welcome circle, easy relaxation activities, communication & connection exercises and a description of cuddle etiquette. The event culminates in a voluntary “cuddle lab.” Touch is always consensual, and all participation is optional. I like to say that witnessing is a form of participation too!

Cuddle Salon is a G-rated event. Activities you might choose to engage in range from giving and receiving massages, hair-playing, hand-holding, hugs and spooning, to thumb wars, eye-gazing, or simply sitting side-by-side and sharing a conversation.

These workshops are just as much about touch as they are about community, support and connection. You’re guaranteed to have a wonderful evening filled with companionship and relaxation.


coffee-cup-kitchen-coffee-machine cc0Red Tent:  Any time a group get together to just be themselves, something magic and healing happens. This event is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community, we encourage all transwomen, non-binary, and genderqueer individuals who wish to join us to attend.
The Red Tent is a sacred space, but we do not espouse any one spiritual or religious practice. Here all of our conversations are promoted and facilitated because we believe all voices need to be heard. This is our time to be with old friends and to meet new ones.

The circle is a place to celebrate our bodies, in all their shapes and forms, spirits, minds and personal growth. Every event will be different based on the needs of the community, but you can expect that we might share stories, meditate, make art, laugh, dance, journal, or play, share skills, ideas and have a meal together.