I gave advice in a Cosmo article!!

I have seen the Magazine since I was old enough to read.  It is famous for its sex column.  This week my advice was featured in tip #6 in an online article by Lane Moore titled, “Everything you need to know about how to go down on a woman; as explained by those who know best- queer women.”

I’m pretty sure I actually squealed when I got the notification.

It’s solid stuff people, here is what you need to know:

 6. Act like you actually want to be doing this. Kendra, 26, says she finds it super-hot when someone is really enthusiastic and clearly wants to go down on her. To communicate that, Lisa Kan, Betty Dodson-certified Bodysex instructor and Orgasm coach, recommends you “get in there and do it like you mean it.” Kan adds, “Use your whole tongue, the tip, even the underside to play with sensation and direction. Lean in with your face so that the receiver can press into you and grind as much as she likes. Noses, cheeks, and chins can make delicious pressure.”

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